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Illinois 3M Earplugs Injury Attorney

Chicago Defective Products Lawyer for Hearing Loss and Other Injuries Caused by Defective Earplugs

There are multiple types of defective products that may cause people to suffer serious harm. Even though manufacturers are supposed to test products to uncover potential defects, take the proper measures to ensure products are manufactured correctly, and provide instructions on how products should be used and warnings about potential risks, many companies fail to meet these requirements. Some of the most troubling of these cases involve products that are meant to protect people's health and safety. When products that are supposed to prevent injuries are defective, people who thought they were taking the correct safety measures may be put at risk of serious harm, and they may suffer permanent disabilities.

In recent years, an especially egregious example of product manufacturer negligence has come to light. 3M, a major international corporation, provided earplugs to the U.S. military that were meant to protect soldiers' hearing in combat situations. Unfortunately, these earplugs did not work as intended, and as a result, many people who have served in the military have experienced hearing loss and other related health conditions. Veterans who served in combat and other members of the military who used these earplugs may be able to take legal action against 3M. Our firm can help these victims understand their options, including determining whether they may be able to join existing lawsuits or receive settlements that will address the damages they have suffered.

Injuries Caused by Defective Earplugs

In 2002, Aearo Technologies Inc. entered into a contract with the United States military to provide earplugs that would be used by soldiers in combat situations. Aearo was acquired by 3M in 2008, and the company continued to provide earplugs to the military through 2015. However, these earplugs have been found to be defective, and due to their widespread use in multiple branches of the military between 2003 and 2016, thousands of service members may have been exposed to the risk of injury.

Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2) are double-ended earplugs that were meant to provide protection in different situations. One end of the earplugs was intended to provide some protection against loud noises while still allowing soldiers to hear speech and certain other sounds. The other end of the earplugs was supposed to provide full protection, blocking out noises such as explosions and gunfire that could injure a person's ears. However, due to design defects, these earplugs did not provide a proper seal that protected against damage. The company also failed to provide instructions on how to properly fit earplugs into the ear, and this led to the risk of earplugs becoming loose and failing to provide soldiers with the necessary protection.

Exposure to loud noises without the proper protection can cause permanent damage to a person's hearing. Many members of the military who suffer from hearing loss also experience tinnitus. This condition involves continuous or intermittent ringing, buzzing, roaring, or hissing sounds in the ears.

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People who serve in the military deserve the utmost respect, and they should be able to make use of equipment that protects them from harm as much as possible. Unfortunately, many people in the armed forces who believed that they were taking the proper measures to prevent hearing loss were exposed to the risk of injury. To address the harm they have suffered, service members may be able to take legal action against 3M and recover compensation for hearing loss. To learn how our firm can assist with these cases, contact us at 866-553-9812 and arrange a complimentary consultation.

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