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$4.8 Million Verdict Awarded in Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

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IL injury lawyerWhen medical devices are defective or do not function correctly, patients can suffer serious injuries. In these situations, injury victims may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer of a device that was designed or manufactured incorrectly, and they may be able to receive compensation for injuries or illnesses that were caused by unsafe medical products. Hernia mesh implants are one type of product that has been linked to serious injuries and health issues, and recently, victims have been able to recover compensation from the manufacturers of these products.

Hernias occur when an organ or tissue protrudes through a weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue that surrounds it. Hernia mesh is designed to reinforce the weakened area and prevent hernias from recurring. These devices are usually made of plastic, and they are implanted into the body to hold the hernia in place. Hernia mesh can be used in multiple different types of hernia repairs, including abdominal hernias, groin hernias, and Hiatal hernias.

While hernia mesh can be an effective treatment for hernias, it can also cause serious complications. Some types of hernia mesh have been found to erode or break down, and this can cause damage to the surrounding tissues, leading to pain and infections. Small pieces of plastic may cause damage to organs near the hernia, or they may migrate to other parts of the body, leading to issues such as inflammation, organ perforation, or intestinal blockage. These issues can be very painful, and they may result in permanent damage to multiple bodily systems.

Status of Hernia Mesh Litigation

Due to widespread problems with hernia mesh implants, a large number of lawsuits have been initiated against the manufacturers of these devices. Most recently, a jury found in favor of a man who had sued C.R. Bard, a subsidiary of Becton, Dickinson and Co., and awarded $4.8 million in damages. The man had received a Ventralex hernia mesh in 2008, but he had to have it removed several years later because it had caused damage to tissues inside his body. Ultimately, he had to have bowel resection surgery, and he experienced a great deal of pain and inflammation due to the defective implant.

During the trial, the plaintiff's attorney stated that within the previous three years, 4,000 patients had reported being harmed by Ventralex hernia mesh implants, and 25 percent of people who have these devices implanted later have surgery to have them removed. Because the manufacturer is aware of these issues and continues to produce and sell the devices, it may be liable for injuries that affect patients. Currently, there are around 17,000 lawsuits pending against C.R. Bard that have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in Ohio. Other hernia mesh manufacturers, such as Johnson & Johnson, have also faced lawsuits related to injuries from defective hernia mesh implants.

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