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Baby Formula Shortage Highlights Safety Concerns

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chicago infant formula injury lawyerThe ongoing baby formula shortage has focused the nation’s attention on the safety of our baby formula supply. While supply chain issues and high demand played a role in the shortage, another major factor was the recall of certain types of formula following reports of bacterial infections and subsequent plant closures. Cronobacter bacteria, which has been blamed for the death of two infants, was the cause of recent recalls and shutdowns. This adds to the concern about the safety of baby formula in the wake of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) cases across the country. 

NEC and Baby Formula

While not related to this latest recall, Abbott, Mead Johnson, and other manufacturers have been the subject of lawsuits over their cow-milk-based formulas, including the popular Similac and Enfamil brands. This is due to the risk that cow-milk-based formulas pose to premature infants. Babies who were born premature have been shown to be more at risk of NEC. Their intestines may not be developed enough to handle cow-milk-based formulas and become inflamed as a result, raising the risk of NEC. Studies have shown this risk for several decades. However, manufacturers of cow-milk-based formula have continued to be marketed to premature or low birth weight infants without warnings and are even still used at hospitals despite the risks being known. 

Babies who are breast-fed or given a mix of breast milk and formula are at a much lesser risk of contracting NEC. While NEC only affects about one out of every 10,000 full-term infants, one out of every 1,000 premature babies are affected. It leads to further inflammation of the intestines, bacterial infections, and tissue damage that can be fatal in 2 of ten cases. Treatments for NEC typically start with an IV to deliver fluid, then the infant will be treated with antibiotics. Abdominal surgery may be necessary to correct complications from NEC. Infants that survive may have long-term health problems. 

In all cases of NEC, families who were affected deserve strong representation. If your family has been impacted, our firm can advise you of your rights and help you take action against baby formula manufacturers. 

Contact an Illinois Baby Formula Safety Attorney

At Toxic Tort Injury Lawyers, we can help parents whose children have been diagnosed with NEC learn of their legal options against baby formula manufacturers. Our Chicago product liability lawyers will assess your case and determine your best course of action to receive compensation. Give us a call at 866-553-9812 to schedule your free consultation. 


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